Fortnightly on a Thursday!


The idea of “Seminar Night”, a flagship of the Cambridge University Ghanaian Society (CUGS) that is held every fortnight (on Thursday), follows a tradition that is a peculiar index of any institution of higher learning, where academics converge to discuss research works of varying topics.

But more importantly, given the busyness of academic life in Cambridge and the stress involved in living in a country where Ghanaians are in the minority, the “Seminar Night” has become more than a gathering of students/academics.

In sum, we look for to a copresence of Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian ‘knowledges’ as we solve common challenges of humanity.

Charles Prempeh, 2020

Want to give a seminar?

If you have ideas, a thesis, or aspirations you would like to share with this society, call us on the number provided or send an email with your proposal and why you would like to host a seminar!