Resetting the World Order Exploring the socio- Economic developmental prospects of Ghana in a Post COVID-19 World

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Week 1: Fit for purpose built environment 

The problem?

COVID-19 has exposed the challenges associated with town and urban planning in most Ghanaian cities and towns.

The design of our market spaces, transportation networks, housing and other social infrastructure has made it difficult for many Ghanaians to adhere to social distancing and other protocols expected to control the spread of the virus.

A solution?

How should we design, build, operate and maintain our built environment if we are to improve living conditions? How can we make it less burdensome for people to adhere to COVID-19 and other similar health and safety protocols in the future?

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A solution?

This session will therefore, deal with issues around educational policies, teaching methodologies, the educational curriculum and bridging the digital divide to reflect the “new normal” under COVID-19.

Week 2: Virtual and Home schooling

The problem?

The shut-down of schools following the outbreak of COVID-19 has meant that many students have had to resort to either virtual learning or home-schooling. However, predicators of Industry 4.0 seem to suggest that virtual learning will become the new norm even after COVID-19.


This future provokes critical reflections regarding what we understand education to be, how do we train teachers in a digital world, what do we include in our educational curriculum and how do we support parents without access to digital connectivity.